Project: Market entry and set-up of manufacturing facilities.

2. Project: Market entry and set-up of manufacturing facilities.
Spanish manufacturer of electronic components.
Follow its global clients’ expansion into China and gain access to local opportunities while reducing their cost structure.
iGeo Services:
  • Strategic advice on the investment and analysis of alternatives (alone, Joint-Venture, through an acquisition), support in strategic thinking and decision-making.
  • National study comparing locations, selection of sites, negotiations and documents related to set-up.
  • Registrations, obtaining business licenses and other necessary permits, attaining the status of “Encouraged Project", importing equipment, etc.
  • Support in the construction of the building: application for all kinds of licenses, publication and evaluation of tenders for design institutes, contractors and supervisors, negotiations, closing agreements, supervision of construction works, etc.
  • Recruitment and hiring of a local management team (12 positions at the initial stage).
  • Participation in the  Management and Executive Committee and functional support.